Wind Mitigation

Florida was one of the first states to require insurance companies to provide a price reduction to all homeowners who provide a certified wind mitigation inspection.   A Cornerstone Wind Mitigation Inspection will be necessary to allow your insurance company to determine the level of damage your home could sustain during a strong storm and hopefully earn you a reduction in your home insurance.  

A wind mitigation inspection consists of eight factors. When we complete your inspection, you will receive a certified inspection report.  Once Cornerstone Home Inspection submits your report to you and your insurance carrier, you should contact your insurance company to discuss your available discount.

This inspection includes:

  • Roof Covering – check to make sure all is up to building codes and check age of roof.
  • Roof Decking Attachment – will look to see what type of decking is being used and if it is nailed or stapled down.

    Roof to Wall Attachment – determines how the trusses are attached as well as the strength of the attachment.

    Roof Geometry – helps to determine the sustainability during strong winds.

    Gable End Bracing – For those with a gable style roof, your ends should be braced up to building standards. 

    Wall Construction – will look at the supplies used in your home for framing, reinforcements and any other materials used for sustainability and strength.

    Secondary Water Barrier – applies to newer homes and roofs constructed after 2008. If so, we will check for this additional protective barrier.

    Opening Protection – all openings, such as shutters, doors, windows and sliders, will be checked for hurricane proof ratings.