Whether buying your first home or increasing your investment portfolio with another real estate holding, today’s real estate buyers must be vigilant in making sure they are making an informed decision. Knowledge about the major components of the property is key to protecting you and your family’s health and safety.

Robert Christian has devoted years of his career as an advocate in the legal and law enforcement field with a keen interest in consumer protection.  He has coupled that knowledge with a desire to help and serve others in protecting them and their hard-earned assets.  Robert spent the last three years working with FEMA in recovery efforts following natural disasters and with Hurricane Michael here at home,  during which he realized the need for all homeowners to have full awareness of the workings of their homes.   Adding that knowledge with an overarching desire to protect the consumer,  Robert decided to become a licensed home inspector so he could advocate for the client.  Licensed and insured, the  Cornerstone Home Inspection Team and Robert are advocates for their clients.

Lou, Robert’s wife, joins him in the business with her wealth of financial experience serving our clients.  As a business owner and former financial consultant, her ability to educate clients, communicate and use her well-rounded administrative skills only further assists clients as they progress through the real estate transaction process.

At Cornerstone Home Inspections, we provide a foundation of information for our clients. With our timely, professional, reliable service, clients can be confident we provide beginning to end services. Whether across the street or the nation, you, with the assistance of Cornerstone, can be on-site and hands-on, complete with a detailed written report including photographic evidence, in evaluating the major components of your purchasing decision.

From initial consultations, scheduling your home inspection, reviewing the report, answering questions after the inspection, to working with agents and our clients hand-in-hand throughout the entire process. That’s what we do best, provide information to assist with a most informed decision. Our reports include images, supporting documentation, with an effective design and summary that makes it easy for clients to understand the condition of the property we are evaluating.

Robert Christian, Inspector

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